About Fancy Buffalo

The Fancy Buffalo blog began in 2009, when an Oklahoma journalist decided she needed a creative writing outlet because her head always is swimming with thoughts. The blog later supplied a place where she could sell her online boutique goods off and on, including the handcrafted bath/body products she has made with her mama for years. After a lot of "hobby" designing, the pair decided to sell their handcrafted jewelry also. 

The name “Fancy Buffalo” is a nod to our corner of the Great Plains, our eclectic taste, and a dose of stockyards humor. ["Fancy Heifer" just doesn't have the same ring to it]. The style found in our boutique could be best described as a love child of Elizabeth Taylor and Gus McCrae. Southern glam.

The buffalo is a cultural icon across the plains, especially on the prairie of rural Oklahoma. It's a strong symbol of resourcefulness, which always has been important to the people of the plains.

And in that spirit, we use only the best leathers, gemstones and agate we can find to handcraft our jewelry right in here the Sooner State. 

If you’re here to shop for some sparkle that will set apart your little black dress or a bold cuff that will make a statement with jeans, we keep both the "fancy" and the "buffalo" at affordable price points. Accessorizing doesn't have to come with a steep price tag.

And if you just want to read about anything from recipes to style to family to travel to rural small-town life and history, just click on over to the blog.

Questions? Email fancybuffalo@gmail.com.